16 April 2015

Timelapse Municipal Library in Sant Vicenç de Castellet

Timelapse recorded by Àngel Giralt during the construction of the new Municipal Library in Sant Vicenç de Castellet. The project is designed by B\TA and constructed by Arcadi

The design is aware from the beginning of its surroundings: the Anselm Clavé Square, bigger than the City Hall square, and two of the town’s main landmarks: ‘Castellet’ and ‘Montserrat’.

The ‘L’ shape of the site with a narrower side facing the square and a wider side facing the street was a decisive fact of the project. The building has been conceived in two separate volumes that converge on the main stairway, true center of the building, from which one can appreciate the different spaces of the library due to its transparency.

The ventilated facade and the motorized shades protection on the west opening prevent direct sunlight from reaching the library; this allowed us to reach B level energetic efficiency.